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“Not only are my husband and I huge fans of Eladia’s Kids, but my son (more importantly) couldn’t be happier there. Sadly, we have to pull him out to move across the country after only a year of attendance, but the way that he has blossomed socially and intellectually within that year is incredible.

Eladia and her amazing team of teachers put education first, and have a well thought out curriculum for their kids. My son is almost three and already knows what a hexagon and trapezoid are. Her can count to 50 (with assistance), recognizes his name, and knows his ABCs. He went into Eladia’s a shy boy and is coming out an articulate, outgoing little guy who can speak full sentences and is excellent at showing his emotion.

Eladia’s is small, so your child will get excellent 1:1 attention. They helped prep our son for not only our move, but also the arrival of his twin sisters through stories and circle time, both of which he is handling very well.

The staff is friendly, personable, and up front. They are there to teach and guide your child, which is very clear in their daily reports. Their facility is clean, the kids are happy. What more could you ask for?

I highly recommend Eladia’s. Even if your child came from just being with a nanny (as ours did) they are very accommodating.”
– Celeste W.

“We have been so happy with Eladia’s on 5th ave. We also visited the Flatbush location which we liked equally but especially liked the outdoor space on 5th ave and they are really almost around the corner from each other. Our child is in the infant program and what is most important is that you just get that great feeling that the caregivers really love the kids. Our child is always smiling when we get there in the morning and lights up when sees the teachers. The daycare is more of a structured program than just free play all day, although there is plenty of play time, and I like that they have a nice schedule, there is a report of what they did during the day, they have an activity of the day and they all are included even the tiniest ones! It was such a good decision to go with daycare vs nanny as the interaction with other kids is priceless. The school hosts a parent orientation and there is so much care and thought that goes into the curriculum for all ages of the program. Eladia really cares about he program as well as the directors at each location. They make you feel like family and we are so happy with our daycare choice. This was the pricier daycare we found but clearly is a premium program. Other thoughts, the toys and facility are super clean, you provide your own food which I prefer, the teachers are experienced and have been there for a while even with promotions within which is great to see the teachers happy and having a career path, great initial transition phase in when starting, additional caring staff at the school that all help out and are very involved so you are getting a lot of care in addition to primary teachers, the space is big, bright and open and we love saying the little one is going to school!”

“My son has been going to Eladia’s in Park Slope since he was 4 months old. We chose Eladia’s after touring several daycares in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our experience here has been entirely positive. The staff is kind and responsive, the facility is clean and inviting, and their philosophy for child care is just what we were looking for. Ms. Eladia and her team have always been communicative and responsive. I have gone to them several times for help on things we were struggling with as new parents (sleep issues, potty training, etc) and have always been met with generous and helpful guidance. My son is now 2 years old and loves his little community of friends. They provide a nice balance of outdoor play, free indoor play, with lots of lessons and music and dancing in between. When I pick him up at the end of the day, he is happy and engaged. My daughter (3 months) will be starting at Eladia’s in the fall.”

-Kelly K.

“Eladia’s Kids/Vanderbilt Avenue Location – has been a great first school for our daughter. First and most importantly all the teachers are kind and super nice!! Our daughter started as an infant – at 6 months and after 7 months moved to the Toddler Group. She is currently in the Preschool and after two months she is thriving. She is eager to go to school each day and has developed wonderful new skills; in addition the Preschool teachers were great in helping Mariel potty train. At the end of the school day she is very happy.

Also we would like to thank the Vanderbilt Avenue, Director Ms. Diana Sparkle. Ms. Diana has provided suggestions and tips to help us as we navigate parenting. Overall we have had a wonderful experience at Eladia’s Kids!! As you continue your search for your infant/toddler and or preschool child I strongly recommend Eladia’s Kids/Vanderbilt Avenue Location.”
– Verina C.

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