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Our Philosophy

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There are 3 major premises upon which Eladia’s Kids bases its school philosophy:

1. Children are whole and independent human beings.

Although children are not able to provide safety, shelter and nourishment for themselves, they are capable of understanding the impact of their actions and how those actions can affect others and their environment.

2. Children are responsible for their choices and can learn to make choices that positively impact their lives.

We believe that every child is capable of understanding choices and consequences. Through consistent guidance, children will learn to make choices that will give them the results they are seeking. This gives them a sense of empowerment where they see that through the choices they make they can create a life of their own invention. As children discover the impact of their choices they begin to enjoy assuming roles of responsibility and leadership that have a positive effect on their lives and their environment.

3. It is our job as educators to guide children, not rule over them.

Our role as educators is to guide children and allow them to explore and learn inside of a safe, fun and naturally occuring environment. Throughout their exploration, they will run into challenges and react in their own instinctive way. Although there will be times when their reactions may not be appropriate, or we may not agree with their reactions, we as educators understand that this is part of their growth and development into whole and independently thinking human beings.

As with any area of learning, the less experience one has, the more ‘mistakes’ one will make. When children make ‘mistakes’ we do not look at them as ‘bad’ or perceive what they are doing as ‘wrong’. In fact we do not perceive their actions as mistakes at all. Children are going through the experiences that we as adults once went through to learn how to determine what works and doesn’t work in our lives. Through this understanding we allow children the freedom to be in their own learning process. We guide them to see possibilities, and fun new ways of overcoming their challenges while still allowing them to make their own choices.

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Eladia with students visiting our community gardens, and learning about the importance of caring for our environment.

“Each child, by the age of five has everything they need to be fully capable, loving, responsible and functioning human beings. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to see that they are cultivated and nurtured to become outstanding young members of society.”- Eladia